Jewellery Tips for the Beach


What jewellery should we be accessorising with when we’re on the beach?


OURS!! 😊

We have a beautiful range of stylish, eco-friendly jewellery with a beachy aesthetic that looks great teamed up with beachwear (and that most importantly won’t break the bank!). First though, let’s explore why the ocean should most definitely be off-limits to your super expensive jewellery:

Salt-water causes erosion of soldered gold and platinum.

Cold water “shrinks” your fingers making it that much easier for an already loose eternity or engagement ring to disappear during a swim.

Sand is silica and silica is what glass is made from. It’s super abrasive and will eventually wear down the surface of gold-plating.

Ok, so now we know what we shouldn’t be wearing to the beach, let’s look at what we CAN put on. Sometimes a bikini or swimsuit calls for something just a little extra. The following accessories will withstand the sun and the sea whilst also transforming your post-beach party outfit into something exquisite.

For natural earthy tones why not try one of these:

Hapuna Real-Pearl Bracelet £6.99 


 Puka Shell Bracelet £3.99


Lacanau Bracelet £7.99


For shades of the sea we recommend:

Sea Turtle Stone Bracelet (turquoise) £4.99

Benaulim Amazonite and Leather Wrap Bracelet £7.99

Paloma Mother of Pearl Circle Earings £6.99

Azul Aquamarine Stone Bracelet £4.99

For a hammered-silver statement look why not try:

Atrani Leather Necklace with Pendant £5.00

Palermo Silver Starfish Pendant Necklace £8.99

Kalamata Leather Wrap with Chunky Heart £8.99


Finally, here are our top tips for jewellery on the beach and a stress-free holiday:

Rings: Leave your engagement ring at home and why not buy a simple band or lovely stacking ring to act as a replacement – just to make it clear you are taken. The Bensbeach Balos is sterling silver and only £8.

Watches: Make sure your watch is water resistant - up to at least 30 feet – or don’t wear it in the sea or the pool.

Take a small beach bag (not plastic please😊) to pop valuables in when you’re heading out for a swim. Tuck the bag away somewhere where everything will be safe until you get back out.

Keep sand away from all jewellery as it’s rough and scratchy and can cause a significant amount of damage. Building a sandcastle? Take rings off first and then pop all your jewels into that little (non-plastic) beach bag again for safe keeping.

Less is more! Stick with smaller items of jewellery at the beach. The bigger the piece, the bigger the tan line will be!

Look and feel stunning under the sun and happy shopping!


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