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Beach Jewellery Trends 2020

The Hottest Beach Jewellery Trends for 2020!

Giant Shells

In 2018/19 we saw shells in every shape and form adorning necklaces, bracelets and anklets and next season sees the same items but on a MUCH bigger scale! No more teeny-tiny, next season think statement pieces and exaggerated proportions. Titanic-sized beach jewellery here we come!


Louis Vuitton paraded an abundance of flowers on their Spring/Summer 2020 collection from NY to London, Milan and Paris.

Here at Ben’s Beach we’ll be combining beach with blooms; expect to see plenty of flower-shaped pendants and earrings in beachy tones alongside beautiful organically-shaped friendship bracelets.

The Natural World

Many designers used stones, glass and gems all in very raw states in their collections for 2020 and next season we’ll be doing the same. Natural stones and earthly tones can always be found at Ben’s Beach because, not only do they help us connect with the natural world, they also fill us with a very genuine joy. Let’s hear it for the return of stunning pieces beach glass, shells and stones!

Love, love, love

Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga were all sporting one of our very favourite shapes on the catwalk last month – the heart❤️. Here at Ben’s Beach we’re passionate about beaches and the ocean and how better to declare our love than with a heart in every collection. Heart pendants abound as always and we can’t wait to share many more new and exciting heart-shaped pieces with you in 2020.


One of the jewels in the crown, the exquisite pearl featured on the lobes and necks of almost every Burberry model in their 2020 Spring/Summer collection. We’ve always adored pearls at Ben’s Beach and will continue to ensconce them in our bracelets and nestle them onto our chains as we head towards next summer.

Watch this space for more 2020 hottest trends and happy shopping!




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