Deckchairs on a beach

In Brighton the Shell Trend Continues!

Beach themes, cowrie motifs, puka shell deco, seashell homeware...from clothes to accessories, from fringed-fabric bedding to exquisite shell-embroidered wall hangings, the shell trend continues. Basically, if an influencer doesn’t have a shell on their Insta page in 2024, then well, they’re not an influencer! From Zara and Accessorize to Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors, mother nature’s invention is still being used by designers globally and it’s a sustainable fashion that just keeps on going. So where exactly does Brighton sit in all of this?
Beautiful, drag-queen roller blading Brighton is located around 50 miles south of London and is the epitome of all things creative, cultural, hip and vibrant. Named “the UK’s happiest place to live” and “gay capital of the UK” it is teeming with cafes and restaurants, galleries and live music venues and a retail centre like no other. Brighton is our go-to place outside of London and not least because it is there where we find an abundance of shell-pieces that match spectacularly with our own beach-inspired jewellery. Keep scrolling to see items we recently found in shops in Brighton and what we’ve paired them with from Bensbeach.
Our cowrie choker is a perfect match with this glorious shell plate from DOWSE, Brighton. 
Inspired by summer sun through the trees, this Light candle (from Lagom Design, Brighton) and Bensbeach Shell Beach hemp bracelet with cowries is a beautiful end of the day sunset combination
This LED whale children’s bed light (from Blubell & Co., Brighton) and Bensbeach deep blue whale paracord bracelet are a match made in ocean heaven
This stunning ‘By the Beach’ (Bluebell & Co., Brighton) jar goes beautifully with all of Bensbeach jewellery but we particularly like pairing it with Bensbeach Hawaiian white turtle necklace
We always come back from Brighton rejuvenated and beach-inspired to create something new and exciting. Long may this dazzling city continue to thrive as one of the UK’s most spectacular and exciting cities to spend time in. Go visit - you won’t be disappointed - we puka-promise!

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