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Mani Peninsula, Greece

The Peloponnese on mainland Greece stretches downwards towards Crete and then northern Africa like a three fingered hand. The central finger is called the Mani Peninsular, a hidden coastal-haven with its dramatic coastline and sleepy fishing coves…let the adventure begin.

Fly into Kalamata, hire a car and drive south to explore the beautiful Mani in the Southern Peloponnese. The journey down the western side of the Mani’s rugged spine is dotted with picturesque fishing villages, stone tower houses, bars and excellent fish taverns. The point of the Mani is that it is more natural than architectural with jagged cliffs dropping into the sea. Definitely one of the most dramatic coastal drives we’ve done in Greece. Now for the beach info…


Charming village and very popular family destination. The main beach is set around the arc of a lovely bay with soft golden sand, pebbly areas and beautifully crystal clear water mainly due to the underwater springs from Taygetos.  Top tip: drive a further 15 minutes along the coast and you’ll get to Ever Blue Beach where fig trees abound, the water is even warmer and the snorkelling mind-blowing.

Our top place to stay near Stoupa:


Mentioned in Homer’s Iliad for good reason, Kardamili is a series of lovely pebbly beaches reached by a curving road alongside picturesque olive groves. Even in the height of summer, Kardamili does not feel too crowded. Paddle in turquoise waters, explore hidden coves and impressive rock formations.

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This is a good couple of hours drive from Kalamata but the sweeping bay of Neo Oitylo will take your breath away especially when viewed from the hillside above. The narrow beach is made up of pebbles and crystalline waters. Take your snorkel and swim until sunset because as the sun goes down between the two rocky edges of the gulf the Greek sky above is sublime.

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