Model wearing a white puka shell chips choker

Puka Shells: Explained

What are they and where do they come from? The Hawaiian word puka translates as “hole" as each shell has its own unique hole in the centre, carved out naturally by the ocean.

Interesting fact - Hawaiians typically give puka shell necklaces to wish people good luck. If given to a sailor, a puka necklace is supposed to help bring him or her home safely. Puka shells offer their wearers the good intent and well wishes of the person who has given them. Why not gift one to someone special for good-luck yourself? Or just to simply send someone best wishes?

The shells themselves are small, typically white pieces of shell but can also be found in many other shades including stripes. These small shells are strung along a chain usually choker length which sit just on or slightly above the collar bone. There are a variety of styles including smooth, ridged or jagged and they tend to be chunky, circular and evenly sized.

In the 80s the necklaces became associated with surfers - think Point Break and were most recently spotted being worn by the character Danny O Neill in the movie Ladybird. They are a prerequisite for millennials, travellers, Gen Zers and of course any VSCO girl worth her weight.

Here at Ben’s Beach we have our fabulous signature puka bracelet and a beautiful chunky puka choker plus a variety of cowrie shell products we know you’re going to love.

Treat yourself or that special someone and happy shopping!

Gigi Hadid wearing a puka shell necklace - Ben's Beach Jewellery, London





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